Meet Our Team

Dr Graham Sanders


clinic photos Graham. 2Graham Sanders established Westside Osteopathy in 1993 and has been practicing for 24 years. He has completed post graduate studies in America and the UK and also has a Masters degree in Medical Science. Graham runs a general practice where he treats everyone from babies to sports professionals. He has an interest in treating postural problems, headaches, sports injuries, back pain and chronic conditions. He does not believe in restricting his practice to one or two techniques. He likes to get to know his patients and often treats whole families. His professional appointments have included:

  • President of the Qld branch of the Australian Osteopathic Association
  • Chair of the national research council of the Australian Osteopathic Association
  • Chair of the Osteopaths Board of Queensland

He is married and has two children aged 15 and 18, which makes for a busy family life.
His interests include all aspects of general health, exercise, movies, going to the beach and reading, especially philosophy.

Dr Joachim Enevoldsen


clinic photos 008Joachim Enevoldsen was born and raised in Brisbane and had a background in science before studying Osteopathy in Melbourne. He became interested in Osteopathy because of its holistic nature and the diversity of the manual techniques available to Osteopaths.

He is interested in treating patients of all ages, demographics and ailments and has a particular interest in treating sports injuries, headaches and chronic pain.

Outside of work, he enjoys: socialising with friends and family, going to the beach, climbing, hiking, scuba diving and cinema.
He also enjoys going to the local gym where he tells people that he goes to lift weights, but actually spends most of the time sitting in the sauna.
He holds two world records in golf.
The first of which is “the most balls lost in a single round”.
The second is “most consistent tee shot”, which is ten metres.

He believes that honesty, integrity and respect are paramount. “I believe the person who collects my rubbish should be treated with the same respect as the leader of the country”.

Joachim has been in practice for 10 years and is currently QLD state president of the Australian Osteopathic Association

Dr Catherine O’Haire


clinic pictures 188Catherine O’Haire is an osteopath who has been in practice since she graduated in 1999.  She is enthusiastic about preventative medicine and believes osteopathy offers great benefit to all people, particularly infants, children and adolescents.

Catherine qualified with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Science and a Masters in Health Science in Osteopathy from Victoria University.  She has completed postgraduate certificate in paediatrics.

Catherine’s selection of osteopathic techniques reflects her understanding of the individual she is treating and the application of osteopathy principals and appropriate palpatory diagnosis.  Through gentle hands-on therapy Catherine’s goal is to use osteopathy to assist everyone; from new born babies, to athletes to reach their full potent

Office Manager: Marion Sanders

Marion 1Marion keeps things running smoothly and everyone organised. Chances are she will be the first smiling face you will encounter at the clinic.

She is also a masters level triathalete and has a last name suspiciously similar to Graham….. could it be? Yes, in fact they are.