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604, 2019

Patella tendon injury

By |April 6th, 2019|Osteopathy, Sports Injuries|


Patella tendon injuries, also known as “jumper’s knee”, can be variously termed, tendinitis, tendinopathy or tendinosis.

Patella tendon injury is a potentially troubling condition that involves pain in an area just below and around the kneecap. It is particularly prevalent in the relatively young (15-30 years old) and those involved in sport such as basketball, volleyball, […]

2302, 2019

What is the proper way to sit at a workstation?

By |February 23rd, 2019|Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain|


This is a common question because many office workers complain of  neck, shoulder or back pain after sitting all day at their workstation. The first thing to understand is the relationship between posture and pain and why prolonged sitting can be a potential problem.  Understanding the mechanics involved will give you more motivation to change your […]

101, 2016

Bone or muscle?

By |January 1st, 2016|Osteopathic Technique, Osteopathy, Sports Injuries|

Patients often ask if their problem is one of bone or muscle. The meaning here is whether the treatment should be directed at one or other body structure. The answer is usually that it is both, to treat one without reference to the other can result in less than optimal outcomes.

Bony problems result in ligament […]

102, 2015

Osteopathic techniques – soft tissue technique

By |February 1st, 2015|Osteopathic Technique|

Continuing in this series of articles on Osteopathic techniques today I will discuss soft tissue techniques.

The soft tissues of the body are basically everything that is not bone. So we include in this muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. Over many years Osteopaths have developed a number of manual methods to address these structures which are known […]

1112, 2014

Osteopathic Techniques – Functional Technique

By |December 11th, 2014|Osteopathic Technique, Osteopathy|

Some Osteopathic techniques can be a bit of a mystery to patients. They understand massage and stretching but the more subtle techniques can be puzzling. I know that often my patients when asked about their treatment tell their friends that they don’t know what I do but it works!
Some Osteopathic techniques are so subtle that […]

212, 2014

Some Myths about Lower Back Pain

By |December 2nd, 2014|Lower Back Pain, Osteopathy|

Some Myths about lower back pain:
Myth #1: Someone can put my back disc back in
No one can return a disc to its normal place. It’s like trying to get toothpaste back into a tube. This myth was perpetuated by patients that had been misdiagnosed with a disc problem when in fact they had a joint […]