At your first consultation a history will be taken of your present complaint as well as some questions about your general health. You will be asked about past accidents, illnesses and operations as these may influence the way your body functions at the present time.Trauma from many years ago can set up weaknesses in the body which may contribute to the problem you are now experiencing. If X-rays or blood tests are required this will be discussed with you.

Osteopaths combine modern methods of medical examination with a unique sense of touch to evaluate your condition. This highly developed sense of touch enables the osteopath to evaluate the state of your body’s tissues (ligaments, muscles, tendons etc) to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis and to assess the general health of your body. Your Osteopath will also examine the way your body moves to ascertain if other parts of your body are contributing to your condition. Sometimes restricted areas remote from the site of complaint can be causing or maintaining your current condition.

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